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We use two different Thermal Imaging Cameras, A Fluke Unit for detail and a scan style Imaging Camera are used as part of our state of the art equipment to locate possible moisture you cannot see with the human eye.

Measurement and review in 3D digital drawing of a room, floor level or entire structure for an overall view of damaged spaces.

The Services We Provide


To what is commonly called a “Mold Inspection”

Mold evaluation and testing is a science and should not be performed by anyone with little or no training or field experience. Online training and a certificate that you completed the 1 or 2 hour course does not provide you with the credentials to be a Professional Mold Evaluator or a Qualified Mold Sampler. Please keep in mind that sampling for mold is a small part of the bigger picture in the science of mold. Testing has it place and should not be depended upon as the determination factor that there is a Mold Issue. However, locating and repairing the source of the moisture is the most important first step. This involves inspection of the interior and in some cases the exterior, testing for moisture using moisture meters, infrared cameras, wall scopes; (small behind the wall cameras) and the knowledge to visibly look for mold. A mold evaluator must have the ability to understand and explain the information from lab results along with the inspection findings to the client in a way that the property owner understands. Classroom & outside training from qualified instructors, and many hours of field training to be a Mold Evaluator will provide the Property Owner with the results they are paying for. This is no time to risk the Health of yourself, your family and friends. A properly trained Mold Evaluator will also be able to provide a “Written Protocol Report” for the Remediation Company and/or Contractor.


If you're a homeowner and you have had a water intrusion problem, (ie. flooding, leaking pipes or leaky roofs. An If you have concerns or an unknown colored substance is viewed) and it was not cleaned up and repaired immediately, it is recommended you complete an evaluation of the area or areas of moisture or suspected moisture.

A: In most cases we can schedule an appointment within 2 – 4 business days.

A: For small defined areas it could take 45 minutes to 1 hour. If entire level of 2000 square feet or less, 2 to 3 hours, if entire structure, depends on many factors.

A: The cost of an inspection depends on the area of concern; one room, one level or the entire home. Testing is done after visiting the home or business and completing an investigation. Testing gives the answer of absence or confirmation of Mold, in what concentrations and types, are found in the air. The musty odor that you may smell is in many cases the gases that molds produce.

A: We have a SOP (standard of practice) inspection checklist:

  • Questions about the property’s maintenance and damage history.
  • Visual inspection of the house, basement, crawlspace and attic (if inspector deems it apart of any issue and the areas are safe and uncluttered).
  • May include visual inspection of cabinets, closets and other “behind the scenes” locations.
  • Air sampling (based on the building’s sq. ft.) to determine indoor air quality (if inspector recommends and is approved).
  • Visual inspection in and around a/c coil and condensate drain.

May include visual inspection around building envelope exterior.

Visual inspection inside of air handler (HVAC cabinet) and sampling (if inspector recommends and is approved).

Moisture meter measurements in areas where water damage is prone to happen (under windows, doors, around plumbing, roof leaks, etc.)

Digital photos of any discoloration that is suspected to have conditions of possible mold growth.

Management of sample handling and analysis.

Verbal and/or written expression of results.

Written Final Inspection report, with remediation protocol, if recommended. This will be E-mailed to you or sent via 1st class mail (if you do not have access to email).

A: It is recommended when buying a new home or business, in which you know very little about its history what is going on currently in the house, despite what the disclosures say.

A: Payment is due on the day of the actual inspection (unless prior arrangements have been approved) Payment through a Title Closing or Insurance Company is an example of a deferred payment.

A: We accept cash and check or Paypal.

A: None, since this would pose as a potential conflict of interest.

B: Mid Missouri Mold Inspections, a division of SpyGlass Inspection Services has no vested interest in finding toxic mold in your home or office for the purpose of Remediation. We will give you only the facts, based on visual inspection, testing if required and certified laboratory results. We specialize in producing an honest, factual home or office Professional Mold Inspection. We do work with many Remediation Companies that are Professionals and contract us to give 3rd. party unbiased results.

A: We can provide you with a listing of Certified Mold Remediators, in our area, however, we will not recommend a specific company. That is your decision based on your interview with them, on how they interact with you, answer your questions, knowledge & experience, insurance coverage and cost.

A: Most insurance companies offer small claim limits for mold remediation and testing (up to $5,000). However, a mold and fungi exclusion clause is found on most standard property policies. On these policies, mold growth is covered only if it is a direct result of fire, lightning or another “covered peril.”

A: Yes, we will send the report by E-Mail.

A: Yes. Take time to write down notes about when you first noticed your concerns or issues, what the cause of the issue was (If apparent) ie; faucet or plumbing leak, appliance leak, exterior leak if known.

NOTE: A message about testing is pointed out, on our About Page on this website.


As written above, costs are dependent on different factors, 

    1. The amount of area being evaluated
    2. The amount of damage, if any
    3. It’s Not About How Fast the Evaluation is done. Time is not a factor, if the evaluator is there more than the estimated time, it’s an attempt to locate the source of the moisture and to do a complete analysis; that’s why price is based on area and conditions not time spent.  
    4. When Testing is recommended by the Evaluator, those costs must be approved and signed off on before any samples are taken.
    5. Samples are sent to the St,Louis Lab by Overnight Carrier, generally FedX. The cost of shipping per sample is $8.56 per sample and is an additional cost above the Evaluation and Sampling.

Example A – Evaluation of an area or areas from 1 to 3 Rooms.

No Samples – No Findings

Basic Report with Pictures.  



Example B – Evaluation of an area or areas from 1 to 3 Rooms

Standard 1 sample inside and 1 sample outside base

Postage for samples

Written report with findings and explanation of lab results


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